Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lost Boys: the Tribe

So last night me and the sister (Ms. LuluBelle, from Reading With a Bite) watched Lost Boys: the Tribe last night. Not bad for a shitty sequel. I thought it could have been done alot worse, but it wasnt that bad. Not to mention they brought back Cory Feldman as Rev. Edgar Frog: Vampire slayer and surf board shaper extraordinaire. I was really hoping they would kill him, but they didnt, shame shame. The plot was pretty straight forward: brother and sister move to coast, sister turns into vampire and falls for the head vamp (played by Angus Sutherland, the little brother of the vamp in the first movie, Kiefer Sutherland). then brother must team up with Cory Feldman save her before shes lost forever. I'd say if you liked the first one, pick this on up at your local video store, but done expect it to change your life.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Random Zombie Humor

Ive been a huge fan of Penny-Arcade for years, so here is some random zombie humor

Game Review: Dead Raising

So here it goes, the first of many reviews. Dead raising for the XBOX 360.

First off let me tell you that the cover lies about the game, you do not get to play as Christian Slater. This game finally lets you do what you wished you could do in every zombie game: utilize everything as a weapon. Now I understand the game came out awhile ago, but its awesome. The game starts out with our photojournalist hero, Frank West, headin to Willamette, Colorado for a scoop. He ends up stuck in a mall with a grip a zombies, a few psychopaths and a bunch of survivors. You have a few days in the game to complete "events" which are the missions while at the same time your janitorial buddy, Otis, will keep callin you and letting you know where some people are hiding. You can save and escort them back to your safe house, but these people are usually stupid and die horribly.

Now the beautiful thing about this game, weapons. When I say everything is a weapon, i mean everything is a weapon. Feelin like hittin zombies in the face the cash register? do it. Thinkin that a coat hanger might be a good for stabbing the undead in the face? It is. there is such an endless range of weapons that you cant even find them all. With the over abundance of the undead, you never have to worry about not gettin a chance to go braveheart style with your push broom and nerf gun that's strapped to your hip. Plus, with all the different unlockable modes and weapons (like the mega-man blaster) the game never gets old. All in all this games amazing and if you haven't played it, click here, cause you need to.
There been some rumors about a sequel, im lookin into to it and you'll be the first to know when i do. So until then, stay safe

Thursday, August 7, 2008


So this is the first of many posts in order for everyone to better themselves in the battle against the undead. I will also review movies and things like that. if you have any ideas or things you wanna see let me know. until then, stay safe.